My fitness journey began when I started exercising formally in a gym in my late teens. From then until my early 30s, I could be found at the gym 3-5 times each week, without a formal goal, simply working out to stay in shape. Eventually, life events led to me driving by the gym 3-5 times per week, without going in, costing me 2 years and 20+ lbs while doing so. At some point, I had resolved to get back into shape and regain my fitness lifestyle, but starting over was harder than I had imagined. My joints, posture, stability, flexibility, range of motion, and overall strength in movement needed to be addressed before I was able to get back into my former routine. I found that I preferred this kind of exercise, addressing range of motion, body weight movement, posture, joint strength, and flexibility over the reps, sets, max weights, and speed of a typical weight lifting routine.

But exercise alone was no longer going to be sufficient. I had to establish control over my diet and commit to good habits and more intelligent consumption, with stress and schedule creating the most opportunities for bad decisions, further away from my goals. I learned that fitness has to be taken one day at a time while setting realistic expectations in order to stay on course. Committing without making excuses is imperative on this journey, with steady forward movement the most important factor. Creating new relationships with food, schedule, stress, and exercise is necessary for making lasting changes, with permanent body changes requiring permanent routine changes. Lifestyle has to change in order to make changes to health or physique.

With Chad Trainer, Four Peaks Fitness, and your commitment, we can work together and help you become the permanent change in your life.


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