Whether you are beginning your fitness journey or are well on your way, Four Peaks Fitness has the expertise and the motivation to help you reach your fitness destination.

Four Peak Fitness features…studio

  • Studio training in our private, in-home studio in north Phoenix.
  • Home training available within 12 miles of our studio.
  • Specialisation in body composition, range of motion, exercise form, posture, balance, joint movement, and mind/body connection using bodyweight movement, compound motion, and interval resistance training.
  • Nutrition guidance and coaching to create permanent lifestyle changes.
  • Supplement recommendations to bolster results and maximise efforts.
  • Events, specials, and more for FITnation members and friends.

Version 3

Trainer Chad Beasley has a unique philosophy and approach to exercise, featuring a more thoughtful and more sustainable form of training, minimising soreness and fatigue while maximising the enjoyment and energy that comes with fitness. We will go beyond reps and sets and provide you the fundamentals of mind/body connection, the importance of joint strength and mobility, and have you using your body in motion.

Are you ready to commit to yourself and follow through with your goals?

With trainer Chad Beasley and Four Peaks Fitness, know that you have the support to prepare yourself for life, from the everyday to the extraordinary!

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