Four Peaks Fitness offers 60-minute 1-on-1 personal training sessions in our private Studio in north Phoenix near 39th Ave & Happy Valley Rd or in the privacy of your Home. Add another participant thru the (+) PLUS program and save 50%.

Studio $60 ($90+) | Home $90 ($135+)studio


Receive 10% off when purchasing 10 sessions, and receive FREE training sessions with qualifying supplement purchases.

ACFour Peaks Fitness is partnered with AdvoCare, making the entire AdvoCare product suite available to clients, including the Trim, FIT, Active, Well, and Performance Elite lines. The 24 Day Challenge serves as a launching pad for change in your energy, nutrition, weight, body composition, and overall health. Spark Energy is the most popular product from AdvoCare, replacing coffee and soda with an effective amount of caffeine, and adding more than 20 vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. If you like the products, become an Independent Distributor and start your journey to good health, fitness, income, and lifestyle, and reach your potential with AdvoCare. Take a look at the Supplements page, which includes more information and a few favorite products, and follow on Four Peaks Fitness’ media accounts for updates and success stories.

Nutrition is just as important to a fitness lifestyle as exercise, if not more. With good nutrition and supplements, you will be on your way to better health, better fitness, body changes, improved energy, and better focus when added to a modified diet and exercise routine. Nutrition guidance is included with any purchase from Four Peaks Fitness, and the library of additional online content will continue to grow, available here on the Nutrition category page, and on Four Peaks Fitness’ media accounts.

When doing workouts on your own, please take precaution and be careful. Take time to warm up properly, stretch for 5 minutes, loosen the joints, and warm up the muscles… and if you exercise at home, try not to stub your toe on the coffee table! We cannot stress safety enough and will not be held responsible for any injuries doing these workouts on your own. With that said, visit the Workouts category page, check out Four Peaks Fitness’ media accounts, and have fun FITnation.

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